Vision of Shaping India

We are aspiring to be an organisation which would enhance the overall Accountability and Productivity of Schools and Colleges in India.

We want schools to be Innovative and Experiential Learning hubs.

Mission of Shaping India

We are enhancing the LEADERSHIP and NETWORKING quotient of School Principals through P.L.A.N conclave and KINESTHETIC LITERACY for Students and Teachers through Movement & Me.

Why Do We Exist?


First and foremost, we want to define our Stakeholders for whom we exist. We believe in terms of priority the most important stakeholder is our Employee and Core Team. They are the ones who think and execute our specially curated content developed for Principals, Teachers and Students. They are the ones who toil and sacrifice their time and energy to provide unconditional support for Shaping INDIA.

Then comes our beneficiaries. School Principals, Teachers and Students. They are the reason for our inspiration, belief and dedication towards Education Industry at large. They motivate us to keep going year on year and create first of its kind brands like P.L.A.N and Movement & Me.

Finally, our investors. They not only support us financially but also provides strategic inputs on timely basis to make sure that we stay on our progression of Vision and Mission.

What Problem are we Solving?
  • Through P.L.A.N
  • Through MOVEMENT & ME

Schools don't network much. In case if they happen to do, then they do it in Silos.

Through P.L.A.N from last 5 editions we are solving this problem and to an extent have successfully redefined the definition of Networking. Now we have created the belief that

"Networking is not only about collecting contacts. It's about Nurturing and Planting Sustainable Relationships".

Secondly, school Principals (leaders) don't get enough opportunities to learn leadership from the stalwarts of other industry leaders 'who have been there and done that' at high level positions.

P.L.A.N conclave is now a sustainable pan India brand and is one of its kind conclave. Through P.L.A.N, school leaders from across the country come under one roof to learn, network and create opportunities to upgrade, fine-tune and hone their leadership and networking skills.

Through 5 successful editions of P.L.A.N we have created a platform which is growing year on year with rich abundance of pragmatic and relevant leadership skills required today. We have disrupted the way how conclaves / conferences are perceived.

"Initially conclaves were to just note down information from key interesting speakers. P.L.A.N is a brand which creates an opportunity to develop abilities and implement them in real time within the school eco-system".

It says that by 2030, India will have the largest Working Age population globally.

"ARE WE AS EDUCATORS in 2018, making our students KINESTHETIC READY for 2030?"

Research has proved that school population excels through Kinesthetic Learning which is a "hands on" or "doing" approach. Kinesthetic learning enhances social interactions, deep problem-solving skills and applies creativity which plays an important role to innovate. All these abilities are required in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Digital Disruption's (DD).

Future Businesses will only prosper with workforce who is KINESTHETIC LITERATE.

Today, India faces a challenge of Students and Teachers who are not Kinesthetic. With too much of focus on Audio / Visual tools, piles of syllabus to complete by academic year end, it becomes a major challenge for schools to implement Kinesthetic Learning.

Shaping India, solves this problem through "Movement & Me". Through Movement & Me we make Students and Teachers raise their "ME" quotient which is all about Movement & Expressions. Individual rich in these two techniques will thrive in real life and will be beaming with empathy, confidence, agility and happiness.

Are We creating Value for the country at large?


We are shaping and nurturing inspired, responsible and empowered global citizens who have socially productive characters, values and life skills to foster innovation and employability in the mainstream tomorrow.

We are creating agile and observant individuals who are resilient with the ever changing and dynamic V.U.C.A (VOLATILE, UNCERTAIN, COMPLEX and AMBIGIOUS) world. We want these individuals to be Physically Active, Mentally Alert and Intellectually Convinced.

"We believe that Youth are not USELESS they are USED LESS"

"We believe that Youth are not CARELESS they are CARED LESS"

While Schools and Colleges focuses on academic know how, we focus on "LIFE Excellence". We clearly believe that we are not into Education business. We are into People's business serving LIFE SKILLS and VALUES. We are 2nd in place between School and Home to seek academic knowledge and preferably first in place between School and Home to learn LIFE SKILLS and VALUES through KINESTHETIC Mode.

What sets us apart from others is, we have a HUMAN TOUCH. Individuals today crave for simple human connections in this digital era.

Our Success Story Till Date