Vision of K.A.T.T

To make India Kinesthetic Literate.

Mission of K.A.T.T

Making Movement & Me an integral part of the Indian Education System by Renewing Life Skills and Values for Teachers through the Kinesthetic approach.

Outcome of K.A.T.T

To make every individual an Agile and Observant Achiever.

What is KATT?

K.A.T.T (Kinesthetic Approach to Teacher Training) is a certified 100 hour Training Program which largely focuses on Teachers as individuals. It revolves around enhancing their identity and personality.

Why is K.A.T.T Important?

We believe that Teachers are the real nation builders and thus every teacher should be known for her/his characteristics and personality rather than known as a subject teacher.

A dominant individual identity is enhanced with K.A.T.T as the focus is on improving the 'ME' quotient.

About the program in Brief
  • K.A.T.T Program is designed for minimum 50 teachers/participants (age no bar).
  • 14 different topics are introduced to teachers which help them increase their ME (Movement & Expression) Quotient which further enhances their teaching styles
  • Teachers will go through actual practical sessions with kinesthetic learning approaches through micro teaching.
  • K.A.T.T creates a strong belief system amongst teachers to maintain a fine tuned balance between personal and professional growth.

  • Why do I need K.A.T.T?
  • For a Principal, K.A.T.T framework would make the school environment conducive to creating and supporting leaders. K.A.T.T will raise the bar of the team to a different level of understanding leadership and its true implementation.

    For a teacher, K.A.T.T would give the individual an edge to be a new millennium educator or global teacher through practical input and techniques. It will assist in creating a student centric approach within the school ecosystem through innovative class transactions and management.

  • Why do I invest in K.A.T.T?
  • K.A.T.T will help teachers to advance their career, increase accountability and responsibility to upgrade and hone their skills.

  • How will K.A.T.T add value to my personal as well as professional life?
  • K.A.T.T gives an armour that one needs for both personal and professional modern life. It will enable the successful management of life tasks such as learning, forming relationships, solving everyday problems and adapting to the complex demands of growth and development.

  • What is the short term change I will get?
  • In the short run, K.A.T.T will help you become self-aware of your strengths and weaknesses to become a new age leader.

  • What is the eligibility?
  • The eligibility for K.A.T.T is one's "willingness to change" and "intention to be an inspiration, a contributor & a nation builder".

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