What is KATT?

KATT, Kinesthetic Approach to Teacher Training, is a customized 100-hour program designed by psychologists and educationists who are experts in their respective field. It helps to practically integrate kinesthetic teaching and learning methods in lesson plans.

  • KATT will empower teachers with a powerful and effective classroom management skills
  • Introducing teachers to develop a new age learning method through kinesthetic approach rarely found in school curriculum
  • Teachers will get customized and individual pre-assessment, implementations, observations and post-assessment reports

About KATT
  • 3 Years of KATT
  • FOUNDATION - Year 1
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  • MASTER - Year 3
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A detailed Assessment Mapping result for each Teacher will be handed over to the respective Principal / Management.

The Assessment Mapping result is devised on: KATT - LEADERSHIP INDEX MODEL.

This model is specially formulated for teachers, by a group of esteemed Psychologists, Movement Therapists and Corporate personnel.

KATT - Foundation Certificate will be handed over to each Teacher during "Teachers Graduation Ceremony."


Detailed information will be available on request.

Detailed information will be available on request.

  • Why do I need KATT?
  • For a Principal, KATT framework would make the school environment conducive to creating and supporting leaders. KATT will raise the bar of the team to a different level of understanding leadership and its true implementation.

    For a teacher, KATT would give the individual an edge to be a new millennium educator or global teacher through practical input and techniques. It will assist in creating a student centric approach within the school ecosystem through innovative class transactions and management.

  • Why do I invest in KATT?
  • KATT will help teachers to advance their career, increase accountability and responsibility to upgrade and hone their skills.

  • How will KATT add value to my personal as well as professional life?
  • KATT will give you an armour you need for both your personal and professional modern life - Emotional resilience through self-awareness!! It will enable the successful management of life tasks such as learning, forming relationships, solving everyday problems and adapting to the complex demands of growth and development.

  • What is the short term change I will get?
  • In the short run, KATT will help you become self-aware of your strengths and weaknesses to become a new age leader.

  • What is the long term transformation I will experience?
  • KATT will help unlock the potential in you to becoming a true leader by identifying your leadership style and developing it in the complex changing world around you.

  • What is the eligibility?
  • The eligibility for KATT is one's "willingness to change" and "intention to be an inspiration, a contributor & a nation builder".

  • What is the certification process?
  • For a Principal, KATT certification process will identify the various leadership styles of your teachers and at what level of leadership maturity they stand.

    For a teacher, KATT certification will help identify leadership traits that one is strong or weak at and detailed analysis on improving them.

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