Programs of MOVEMENT & ME

Movement & Me has two flagship programs:

M.O.V.S (Movement on Values & Skills)

K.A.T.T (Kinesthetic Approach to Teacher Training)

Vision of M.O.V.S

To make India Kinesthetic Literate.

Mission of M.O.V.S

Making Movement & Me an integral part of the Indian Education System by inculcating 24 crucial Life Skills and Values through Kinesthetic approach for Students.

Outcome of M.O.V.S

To make every individual an Agile and Observant Achiever.

What is Kinesthetic?

Kinesthetic is all about Experiential and Active Learning. It is all about Hands-on Doing and Initiated Learning.

What is M.O.V.S

M.O.V.S (Movement on Values and Skills) is a KINESTHETIC based Movement Program for Students from Grade 1 to 15 where students learn 24 crucial Life Skills and Values to enhance their Personality, Body Movements and Expressions.

Through Research / Poll / Direct Interviews and Survey of Top School Principals in India, Shaping India finally concludes one major loop hole in our Indian Education System.

Students and Teachers are not KINESTHETIC READY...

Why is M.O.V.S Important?

M.O.V.S believes in making every student an Agile and Observant Achiever. It focuses on transforming their personality and helps them to face real life scenarios with mindfulness, empathy and confidence.

About the program in Brief
  • M.O.V.S is a Kinesthetic based Yearly program for students which is a part of the school curriculum.
  • 2 Informal Assessments designed by Psychologists and Educationists show the tangible progress of each Student. Assessments are divided into pre and post assessments.
  • M.O.V.S is conducted by our professionally trained MEs (Movers and Expressers) who make sure each session is imparted in a conducive, safe and fun-filled way.
  • It covers 4 Domains (Kinesthetic ME, Kinesthetic WE, Kinesthetic BEing and Kinesthetic TEch) which consist of 6 Life Skills and Values each. These 24 crucial Life Skills are important for every day functioning.
  • Kinesthetic ME is about Personality and Self-Reflection
  • Kinesthetic WE is about Relationship and Socialisation
  • Kinesthetic BEing is about Environment and Surrounding
  • Kinesthetic TEch is about Technology, A.I, V.R, D.D, A.R

* A.I - Artificial Intelligence, V.R - Virtual Reality, D.D - Digital Disruptions, A.R - Augmented Reality.