Programs of MOVEMENT & ME

Movement & Me has two flagship programs:

M.O.V.S (Movement on Values & Skills)

K.A.T.T (Kinesthetic Approach to Teacher Training)

Vision of M.O.V.S

To make India Kinesthetic Literate.

Mission of M.O.V.S

Making Movement & Me an integral part of the Indian Education System by inculcating 24 crucial Life Skills and Values through Kinesthetic approach for Students.

  • What is Movement & Me?
  • Movement & Me is a Kinesthetic based program which aims at making every individual an Agile and Observant Achiever.

  • What is M.O.V.S?
  • M.O.V.S as an acronym stands for Movements on Values and Skills. This is a program under Movement & Me which teaches 24 crucial Life Skills and Values to Students through Kinesthetic Approach.

  • Why Kinesthetic Approach?
  • Kinesthetic is all about Experiential and Active Learning. Research has proved that we RETAIN -

    10% of what we SEE
    40% of what we SEE and HEAR
    90% of what we see, hear and DO

  • How will this program benefit my child?
  • Your child would imbibe 24 crucial Life Skills and Values required to grow, succeed and be happy in life. Out of the many enhancements,few are mentioned below:

    More Active Body
    Improved Brain Function
    Better Concentration
    Enhanced Movement Vocabulary
    Heightened Cognitive Ability
    Right Thinking Skills
    Augmented Body Percussion

  • How long does one session last?
  • Each session is designed to last for an hour, but it may differ from school to school. The minimum duration is 30 minutes and maximum is 1 hour.

  • Is this program only for younger grade students?
  • This program is designed from Grade/Std 1 to Post Graduation. The entire activity curriculum is age appropriately planned keeping the problems, capacities and capabilities of each grade in mind. The difficulty level of the curriculum intensifies as it advances.

  • What kind of short term changes would be visible in my child?
  • You could see them getting more aware of their body and be more active. They would start understanding their strengths and weaknesses to begin with.

  • How would I know about my child's development?
  • Each Student goes through a specialised informal assessment (pre & post assessment) to monitor their progress which can be viewed by each parent on their individual child account.

  • My child doesn't tell me anything at home, how do I know what has been taught?
  • The entire Parent Information for each Domain is shared with parents on their child's account which covers:

    Life Skill and Value taught in each session
    The activities that are covered in each session
    The probable outcome in the students after each session
    Activities to do at home

  • What if my child misses a session due to some unexpected circumstance?
  • The sessions are interlinked, and revisions of the previous session would be done at the beginning of each session. We would help the child to pick up.

  • Will there be any exams?
  • No,there wouldn't be any examinations but only 2 informal assessments for which no preparations are required.

  • Is it a certified course?
  • Yes, it is a certificate course where each student will get their personalized certification which they can view online after the completion of the program.

  • Whom is the program designed by?
  • M.O.V.S is designed by expert Psychologist and Educationist who are pioneers in their field and have years of experience in Child Psychology and Academic Behaviour.

  • Are the trainers experienced in handling kids who are differently abled?
  • All the activity sessions are conducted by our ME's or Movers & Expressers who undergo rigorous training sessions by Psychologist and Educationists. They are specialized in handling kids with all temperaments and abilities including slow learners, hyperactivity, moderate learners, physical limitations, behavioural problems, to name a few.

  • Can there be any adverse effect of the program on my child?
  • There are no side effects of the session at all. If you persistently feel anything incorrect, please feel free to report to us through the feedback tab on your personal account. Please mention the contact details of the child, the nature of concern and any other required details. We shall get back to you at the earliest on the same.

Outcome of M.O.V.S

To make every individual an Agile and Observant Achiever.

What is Kinesthetic?

Kinesthetic is all about Experiential and Active Learning. It is all about Hands-on Doing and Initiated Learning.

What is M.O.V.S

M.O.V.S (Movement on Values and Skills) is a KINESTHETIC based Movement Program for Students from Grade 1 to 15 where they learn 24 crucial Life Skills and Values to enhance their Personality, Body Movements and Expressions.

Through Research / Poll / Direct Interviews and Survey of Top School Principals in India, Shaping India finally concludes one major loop hole in our Indian Education System.

Students and Teachers are not KINESTHETIC READY...

Why is M.O.V.S Important?

M.O.V.S believes in making every student an Agile and Observant Achiever. It focuses on transforming their personality and helps them to face real life scenarios with mindfulness, empathy and confidence.

About the program in Brief
  • M.O.V.S is a Kinesthetic based Yearly program for students which is a part of the school curriculum.
  • 2 Informal Assessments designed by Psychologists and Educationists show the tangible progress of each Student. Assessments are divided into pre and post assessments.
  • M.O.V.S is conducted by our professionally trained MEs (Movers and Expressers) who make sure each session is imparted in a conducive, safe and fun-filled way.
  • It covers 4 Domains (KINESTHETIC ME, KINESTHETIC WE, KINESTHETIC BEing and KINESTHETIC TEch) which consist of 6 Life Skills and Values each. These 24 crucial Life Skills are important for every day functioning.
  • KINESTHETIC ME is about Personality and Self-Reflection
  • KINESTHETIC WE is about Relationship and Socialisation
  • KINESTHETIC BEing is about Environment and Surrounding
  • KINESTHETIC TEch is about Technology, A.I, V.R, D.D, A.R

* A.I - Artificial Intelligence, V.R - Virtual Reality, D.D - Digital Disruptions, A.R - Augmented Reality.