Glass Barrier: Illusion or Reality?
Unleash the Real "YOU"

P.L.A.N October 2018

After 4 successful conclaves, P.L.A.N witnessed the Grand 5th Edition.

P.L.A.N is 'nothing like anything before!' It is different in its theme, in its content, in its style and most importantly in the overall approach of conferences.

Glass barrier is the unseen and intangible, yet reachable barrier or obstacle which stops an individual from growing personally as well as professionally. This barrier can be an Illusion or Reality, however in both cases it acts as a hindrance to an individual's overall development.

In accordance to the theme, this year we have broken the Glass Barrier of conferences being perceived as a serious affair, by introducing Kinesthetic approach and spreading Happiness Quotient at P.L.A.N 2018.

P.L.A.N introduced Expo, where top schools of Mumbai presented how their schools had broken the glass barriers in the education sector. Glass Barriers broken by the school were with respect to Location, Infrastructure, Pedagogy, Spreading the happiness quotient and through sustainable green practices.

Glorious P.L.A.N Leadership Awards made its first mark in the Grand 5th edition by awarding the educational leaders. We are inspired by the fact, for we know, you don't work for recognition, but your work is worthy of recognition!

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