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P.L.A.N 2020

P.L.A.N 2020 is different from all its own previous versions!

We took a huge leap from hosting the Delegates at our venue to hosting them on an 'ONLINE PLATFORM'.

Global Pandemic could not stop us from organising P.L.A.N 2020. Due to the unseen crisis, multiple emerging situations needed Coordination, Support and mainly 'Answers'.

Our delegates attended the Conference online with the 1st topic being 'Collaboration'.

At P.L.A.N 2020, our Principals became the Lighting force of the session.

In relation to the Topic, we all Collaborated with Anticipation on the foreseen dilemma laying out the possible situations faced by the Education Industry and collectively presenting the solutions.

P.L.A.N 2020 will be a thread that will weave and hold all Leaders together from now, till we overcome this Pandemic.

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