What is STEP?

STEP as an acronym stands for Strategic Teacher Empowerment Programme. It is for School Supervisors and Department Heads of educational institutions irrespective of the board or level of children that they are working with.

Teach Lives | Touch Lives | Transform Lives

An “Empowering” conclave for teachers

Our Driving force behind STEP

We strongly believe in the adage “If it cannot inspire, then it cannot fire!” With this as one of our key underpinnings, we earnestly aim to make a paradigm shift in the way teachers perceive themselves and their profession. Therefore, inspiring and empowering the teaching fraternity is one of the most important factors of the STEP conclaves and forms the basis of all that we do during the two days of the event.

Why a need for STEP?

Ask any professional what she/he does and they would name their profession. But ask a teacher and pat comes the response (with a prefix word!), “I’m not doing much….I’m JUST a teacher!”

This is precisely why we believe that teachers, gurus, learning facilitators across the length and breadth of our country need to come together to be empowered and to empower each other. It is through this conference that they begin to see that the mentoring career is at par with (if not more than!) any other career pursued by any other individual! All they need to do is take every STEP boldly and proudly!

STEP is a series of conclave targeted towards empowering individuals in the teaching fraternity through inspirational sessions spread over two days. These sessions will bring together an eclectic mix of professionals from a wide array of occupations to meet, interact and motivate teachers. Most importantly STEP will make them feel and experience the “power” and “potential” that rests within them as they mentor generations of learners through years of hard-work and dedication!

How are STEP conclave going to be different?

As is evident from the above, STEP conclave strive to be the “No bullet point presentations conclave” (as far as possible!!)” where you can certainly “expect the unexpected”!